About Us

Christian Garrington - Online Marketing Consultant

Christian Garrington BA (Hons)
Great Ape Digital

Great Ape Digital offer online marketing services and a bespoke consultancy for all types of companies looking to gain visibility and generate business online. The process and approach is unique in that the focus is on the industry and the company itself. We identify the most complimentary areas of the web be it PPC, SEO, relevant websites, social media or simply local listings.

Why ‘Great Ape Digital’?
Whatever method of traffic generation, we are only interested in getting you the right clicks to your website, the right clicks from your target market and the right clicks that convert.

Methods of gaining the right types of clicks from the right users can come from many online marketing methods including;

  • PPC ads ‘attracting the right end user’
  • A relevant link – complimenting your website – influencing natural rankings
  • Content – Natural ‘unique content’ that users find useful

Strategy starts with understanding your target market – this will lead you to the right type of clicks.

Personal Statement;
‘Great Ape Digital’ was originally created by Christian Garrington. Working as a consultant I fortunately can react to the continual change and pace of this industry, bringing over 17 years of online marketing experience.

Having hands on experience within an ever-changing industry I have been working directly with companies and business owners helping them develop their online business for the last 6 years. I previously worked for a digital marketing agency managing clients and also teams of SEO and PPC managers and executives. After five years of agency work I felt it was time to offer a more bespoke service to clients directly.

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