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Request your free digital strategy consultation. Are you a company looking to improve your digital marketing campaigns? Would you like to better understand what opportunities are available within you sector? We offer a free digital strategy consultation, we establish your target market, who your competitors are, and explore possible routes to market.

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Our Strategy Services

Great Ape Digital have been developing digital marketing strategies on behalf of many different types of companies for well over a decade. We are proud of our proven strategies which consider multiple locations, regions, languages, and audiences. Please find out more about our full-service strategy solutions.

Target Market Analysis

Our target market and audience identification service reveals strategy right at the start of our research. We approach the process of establishing an audience traditionally but also include data-driven insights early on. As part of our free consultation, we look at where you can identify your audience.

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Usability & Website Performance

Keyword Research

Our keyword research services are not just based on phrases associated with a service or product. Our methodology includes types of intent around search, but also our consideration of a route to market is paramount as initial grouping starts.

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keyword research

Digital Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis services can include one or many competitors. We offer services that are specific to the ‘source of traffic’, ranking positions, or analysis that reveals insights that identify opportunities directly with an audience.

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Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis

A large part of our competitor analysis research is based around search. We can identify who your competitors may be in a particular space, where competitors are ranking, gaining traffic or taking market share. But we can also reverse engineer competitor SEO strategy, analyse content, site structure, tech SEO or backlinks. Learn more about our services.

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PPC Competitor Analysis

We can learn an awful lot when analysing PPC competitors. What phrases they are bidding on, how often their ads are showing, what their ads look like, we can even establish approximate monthly spend. This analysis is especially useful if you need to develop a possible business case quickly.

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Google Ads

Digital Insights

Competitor analysis can lead to great digital insights, but we also offer services that review a marketplace or a digital space that illustrates possible business opportunities. We can examine trends in different areas and create insights into possible development. In some cases, our insights could reveal the importance of traditional marketing; this could be the case in some markets.

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Digital Insights

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We will analyse your marketplace and review competing websites, giving you an insight into opportunities online. This sector analysis is excellent for anyone wanting an initial insight into their digital industry.
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