What is Competitor Analysis?

Most businesses will have competitors (other companies offering similar services or products). We establish who your competitors may be within a particular digital space; web, search, social and other relevant websites. We analyse, compile data, and offer reports which illustrate not only what your competitors are doing but whether their strategy is local or international, where their traffic comes from, and how much they may be spending online.

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Competitors within Organic Search or PPC (Paid Ads)

There is a tremendous amount of available data within online marketing. We offer various competitor analyses and provide bespoke reports based on the route to market, such as Social Media or backlinks (other websites). But our most requested services are based on ‘Search’ organic rankings and PPC (Google Ads).

Organic Competitor Analysis

Most companies want to understand how their competitors are performing within organic search. We offer many reports that reveal the actual data and an understanding of why websites rank well in the first place. Our ‘Natural Traffic Report’ contains detailed insights into where your competitors rank, for what phrases, how much traffic they are likely to be getting, and who is linking to them. This sort of insight is great for existing businesses and perfect for start-ups looking to establish what opportunities are available online.
We also offer batch and gap analysis reports, looking at many competitors within the chosen industry or sector, and identifying gaps in the market. Also, we provide detailed backlink analysis, revealing all known sites linking to your competitors; this can often show insights to understand the potential strategy.

Google Ads

Paid Ads (PPC) Competitor Analysis

Insights into paid advertising such as PPC (Pay Per Click) can highlight opportunities for many businesses not yet utilising this route to market. We offer reports containing granular details that can reveal the average cost per click, the history of campaigns (which illustrate success), and most importantly, the total estimated amount of money other companies are spending. We can investigate what areas of ads competitors are participating in, such as ad networks, YouTube, and Search. We can also look at the actual ads, ad text, and landing pages, all great insights to understand your competitors better.

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