What is an SEO Competitor Analysis?

An SEO competitor analysis is a process of analysing competing websites found within natural search listings.
Great Ape investigates specific client competitors and learns more about their performance and activity online. We research and analyse organic rankings, backlinks, tech SEO, and content strategies.

The Data

Great Ape Digital utilises many data sources to investigate and research a client’s competitors, a batch analysis (more than one competitor) or an individual website. We use leading professional software suites, which gather all global, national and local available statistics and insights, allowing us to create valuable and actionable reports.


Our Services

Great Ape offers a free initial competitor review, allowing clients to understand better what investment they may need to make when considering SEO as a route to market.

SEO Management
As part of our monthly SEO management, we continually research and track competitor activity, allowing us to monitor client performance and understand search market share.

Rankings Analysis
We include and track between 5-10 key competitors within our ranking tools; this allows us to continually identify any quick wins and develop a strategy around performing phrases. We also track and analyse new competitor activity based on search rankings and identify potentially new terms.

Tech SEO Analysis
Great Ape offers ongoing Technical SEO monitoring and analysis of all client websites. We also provide Technical and Content analysis of competitor websites, this revealing precisely what they are doing to understand their performance better. This process is a deep-dive complete crawl of their website, showing all the good and poor elements that may be working.

Backlinks Analysis
Another significant indicator when analysing competitors is reviewing their backlinks (links from other websites linking to them). We don’t just use one source for the backlink analysis, instead we use all of the leading software tools revealing insights that also tell us more about a competitor’s outreach. We often find which sector-based websites they are associated with; these could be associations, business networks, online magazines, forums or news, PR, and blogs, all of which reveal their traditional marketing efforts. We often find websites perfectly aligned to our client’s target market.

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