What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the foundation of any marketing project utilising search engines. It is the process of sourcing the most appropriate words and phrases that best describe a company’s products or services. The data is available from multiple sources but mainly Google Ads, which gives insights into the number of times a word or phrase is searched.
This process allows you to understand the importance of what to target in a PPC ad and what to include on a website’s landing page.

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Keyword & Topic Research, Local, National & International

Most projects within Search Engine Marketing start with Keyword Research. Understanding which terms and phrases users may use to find your services or products is essential. Great Ape Digital offers in-depth topic and keyword research for local, national and international projects, establishing search demand by country or simply establishing a business case in your nearest city.

Natural Search

When users search on Google, they often use different search terms related to their query. Some phrases will carry a difference in intent, meaning some words illustrate that a user is searching to purchase, however others illustrate that a user is searching to find out information. Phrases and terms could be transactional, commercial, informational, or navigational. Great Ape offers a deep-dive keyword research service that allows a combined selection of the most appropriate words and phrases to be used as part of a content strategy. This process helps with finding complementary websites, better-converting landing pages and representing page headings to gain better click-through rates within the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions).
Every new website owner should consider keyword research if they want visibility in Google or any other search engine. Combining ‘in demand’ phrases with strong messaging is a more intelligent natural strategy.

Paid Ads (PPC) Services

Paid Ads (Pay Per Click)

Anyone looking to utilise PPC to gain website traffic must choose the phrases they intend to place bids on. It’s vital to select the best, most relevant terms that not only are searched for but best represent the page you want users to land on. The choice of phrase and landing pages dramatically affects your ads’ quality score and performance. If you get this wrong, you could spend much more (Cost per click) than you should, then run out of budget before your campaign even starts. The keyword research process will reduce the chances of selecting the wrong terms and help guide the page content to gain the leads or sales required.

Search Demand and Establishing a Business Case.

Even before a business decides if ‘Search’ is the correct marketing route, keyword research helps build a business case. Before registering a domain name, it’s essential to establish if utilising a website is the best tactic. Yes, you may need some visibility, but your business may only need a strategy and activity on TikTok or Facebook. Great Ape Digital offers a free consultation, including initial keyword research that allows us to understand if it’s worth taking further in search strategy development. We don’t just assume it’s the most appropriate route to market. Also, if a company is looking to sell products or services in other countries, choosing the country to sell to can be difficult. But using a combination of keyword research and translation allows us to gain data showing search demand in many countries, thus establishing merging markets and new opportunities around the globe.

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