What is Content Marketing?

We establish a business case very early on to better understand a client’s marketplace and manage interpretation and translation solutions for all sectors. Great Ape Digital manage sophisticated methods of online marketing services to enable businesses to succeed in multiple areas of the web, search, social and relevant websites.

Content Marketing is simply the process of applying strategy to content development and distribution. The reason is to attract and engage a target market or specific audience to either influence or drive actions such as an enquiry or a sale. Often the types of content produced depend on the audience you want to influence. Still, it is usually informative and useful, in the form of text – article blog posts, images, graphics, e-books, and videos, all of which contribute to the sales funnel.

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Content Marketing Services

Great Ape Digital offer help and support within all areas of content marketing. Whoever the target audience is, an understanding of ‘search demand’ can contribute to the type of content required. We often recommend our ‘keyword research’ services to help with this process.

Content Research Planning

Our content development services often start with the written word we offer keyword research as part of the early stages, which helps to understand a searching audience. This process will often lead to a strategy that could combine text copy and variations such as an infographic or even a video. Our content planning service also leads to website content structure both within service pages and creative blog sections; or, if ‘search’ is not quite the right route to market, we will find platforms where your target market is evident.

Content Research


When a content strategy is approved and content ideas, topics, and categories are complete, we can then start writing copy. We offer the clients content development documents to write copy with our guidance or we can source and utilise copywriters. Great Ape Digital has access to many sector-based authors and copywriters and can also source specific writers depending on the style or subject knowledge needed.

Video & YouTube

Video is one of the essential mediums for web content. It allows businesses to represent messages in an engaging format that encourages conversions to ‘actions’ like enquiries and sales. The use of video networks like YouTube means a website isn’t always needed; if an audience is obviously within this space, then strategy around video is crucial for any content marketing plans.

Video - Youtube
Brand Reputation Management

Brand Awareness & Protection

Content for new brands is vital, and combining search demand data and creative, target market-led design can be a dynamic combination. However, existing brands also need protection. Rankings in Google can sometimes lead to misrepresented brands or similar content confusion. Great Ape Digital can help make sure a client’s content is unique and visible ahead of any competitors; utilising search, PPC, Reviews and PR, we can help manage brands struggling with their current identity and support a companies’ new strategy.

Press Release Distribution

With traditional PR (Public Relations); content can be distributed to other newspapers and magazines that may decide to publish further. When it comes to online marketing, you can utilise many digital distribution networks which editors and journalists subscribe to, depending on chosen categories. Great Ape Digital uses PR distribution networks and sector-specific online publications to improve brand awareness and gain more ‘shelf-space’ within search results.

PR & News
Influencers & Curation

Influencers and Curation

There are many ways to reach an audience; sometimes, it’s more logical and cost-effective to reach out to existing ‘influencers’, bloggers, or YouTubers who already have synergy with your target market. Sourcing and researching these influencers can help spread your message, product, or service. Great Ape Digital uses proven research methods that establish ‘real influencers’, their reach, followers, and manage how they could form part of the strategy. We also source and collect relevant existing content from both websites and social media, which can also be part of a curation strategy, then placed into blog and article references.


To help distribute content and communicate with other website owners or influencers, Great Ape manages the process of outreach and building relationships. We work with the client to agree on the best approach for new communication and also utilise this outreach process to engage and utilise link development opportunities. Our unique approach can take advantage of multiple opportunities to benefit the client’s digital marketing efforts, resulting in additional content distribution like articles or news, gaining relevant links or building relations with possible influencers.

Outreach & Promotion

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