What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of analysis, testing, and improving a user’s journey to a conversion or action. When users land on a website, they will read about products or services, however, we want to encourage a phone call, an email, filling out a contact form, downloading a PDF, or engaging in another measurable activity. Improving the percentage of users who engage or convert can be the difference between selling a product or not. Great Ape Digital has studied, tried, and tested many CRO methods and uses the latest optimisation tools to improve clients’ ROI further.

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CRO Services

Great Ape Digital offers a range of conversion rate optimisation services that form part of the chosen route to market. Our SEO, but more specifically our PPC services, always include CRO because of the nature of the service. But we also offer dedicated one-off services that include strategy, analysis, A/B testing, and landing page development.

Conversion Analysis

Great Ape Digital manage and offer reports and analysis covering many website aspects. Our conversion analysis starts with gaining the data, utilising the best tools, and studying user behaviour. We carefully review what users do, what pages they view, and where they click and we study videos, watch mouse movements, and review heatmaps to understand the website journey better.
We identify the website entry, exit, bounce, and analyse returning visits, gaining insights that allow us to offer strategy and improvement advice. We can also arrange controlled environment testing to establish what users do, where they look, and gain written feedback.

Conversion Rate Analysis - A/B Test

Landing Page Development

Getting relevant traffic to a website is very important, but where users land is vital for conversions to enquires or sales. Depending on the route to market, for example, a PPC ad or a social post, the page that the user arrives at needs to compliment the ad and give a solution prominently on that page. The flow of the landing page is essential to get right; consider the device, the user journey, ‘touchpoint conversions’, and capturing customer details. Great Ape work with clients to create effective landing pages, we study competitors, apply our best-practice methods, produce wireframes, and suggest flow tests to make pages perform.

Lead Generation

Great Ape Digital offers research into potential routes to market to then provide digital strategy; this often will include lead generation as a dedicated solution. There are many areas of the web where a client’s target market may reside; getting in front of them is often the first step, and then turning them into a lead is the next. We can create a strategy to focus on lead generation; the main routes are often PPC and LinkedIn. However, depending on the target market, we can run many tests to gain data and refine lead gen tactics.

Lead Generation

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