What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a method of online advertising often used in search engine results. Clients will bid on relevant keywords to compete for clicks, sending traffic to their website. Pay-per-click is commonly associated with Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), Amazon Advertising, and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

PPC & Paid Advertising

Great Ape Digital offer PPC and paid advertising management on many different platforms. As Google Ads Qualified managers, we help companies grow and develop their audience using PPC in search, Google Shopping, Google Display Network, YouTube or other platforms such as Microsoft Ads and Social Media. We help companies develop paid strategies to gain relevant traffic and grow their audience leading to more enquiries and sales.

PPC Search Marketing

Search Marketing is one of the most effective methods to capture users further down the sales funnel. An audience using Google search to find your product or service tends to be closer to the purchase or enquiry as there is ‘intent’ behind their search. Capturing these users is very effective in driving sales more quickly. Depending on the industry, product or service, users will perform ‘informational’ type searches or ‘buy now’ phrases and utilising PPC and selecting the correct terms can get that ROI quickly. Great Ape always research the marketplace on behalf of the client and establish average CPC’s (Cost per clicks) and we manage expectations early so that our clients understand what they can expect before investing lots of time and money. PPC also allows clients to ‘test the market’; it’s often the case that we need to test how an audience will react to your landing pages, so gaining this data can be crucial to understanding the investment in Search, PPC, and also SEO.

Paid Ads (PPC) Services
Video - Youtube

PPC & YouTube Advertising

As well as Google PPC Search Ads appearing on YouTube, Great Ape also manage video marketing strategies to help clients reach their customers. Video Ads can help drive awareness and capture audience attention. We can help create Video ads that drive traffic to a website, help with product or brand consideration and encourage users to watch more video content, aiding awareness and reach. Besides Search PPC ads, clients can also choose only to pay if users watch videos longer than 30 seconds. Also, ‘click to action overlay’ or ‘companion banners’ are good additional options.

Google Ads Network

The Google Ads Network consists of four primary areas: the search network, the display network, Shopping, and YouTube. The Google Display Network allows clients to show their banners across millions of websites, videos, and apps. Great Ape Digital offers research, strategy, and ongoing management of display ads across all relevant platforms. We often select the sites that complement a client’s industry or target audience, increasing visibility and driving awareness and sales.

Google Ads
Microsoft Bing Ads

Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing Ads)

Great Ape Digital also offer PPC and Ads management on the Microsoft Ads platform. Although it has a smaller audience (5%), Bing does generate traffic and depending on the audience, you can gain qualified traffic leading to enquires and sales, in much the same way as Google ads. PPC search ads appear on Bing.com, and Microsoft also has a display network for ad placements, including sites like MSN, Outlook.com, Microsoft Edge, and other partners.

Other Ads Networks

As part of our initial research we establish where a client’s target market is likely to be before running PPC or paid ad campaigns. As part of our SEO Services, we offer ‘Target Site Link Building’; this doubles as an added value service when looking to source websites where an audience may reside. As part of this process, we often discover smaller but relevant ad networks, however we also offer management with more extensive ad networks like Taboola or Outbrain.

Ad Networks - Taboola & Outbrain

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