What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Search Engine Optimisation or (SEO) is the process of optimising and improving a website’s content and performance. The objective to be found more easily and quickly within the search engine results, often appearing near the top of the search listings, thus gaining more relevant traffic.

There are different areas to consider that form part of SEO activity. Most commonly is on-page optimisation, re-working content, and phrases and words associated with the users’ search intent. SEO has also become more closely aligned with best practice and usability; often, it drives website owners to create more ‘useful’ and ‘relevant’ content. The responsibility of SEO has crossed over to many other job roles such as marketers, content writers, developers, even customer services and outreach relationship managers.

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SEO – Service Areas

Great Ape Digital offer help and support within all areas of SEO. Our knowledge and experience allow us to advise and deliver the full-service strategy plus monthly management, utilising all areas of service or specific areas to complement companies that need additional insights and guidance or tailored service.

Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimisation has evolved over the years, but the ‘behind the scenes’, within the code has never been so important. We often refer to any element to do with the website’s code, host or platform as part of ‘Tech SEO’. We offer detailed website audits that contain an analysis of elements such as; Semantic Markup, Structured data markup (Schema), the website’s structure/URL’s and navigation, plus platform and security. These are just some of the areas that often need improving. We also manage on-going monitoring services making sure that regular changes to the website don’t suddenly block a website from being crawled. Additionally, we work closely with developers of multiple platforms allowing technical elements to be further optimised.

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Tech SEO Services
Content is Still King

Content Development & Management

‘Content is KING!’ was once the leading statement from a most seasoned SEO professional. To assume ‘Content’ as pretty much anything on a web page; text, images or video, it is probably the most crucial aspect of SEO, but definitely part-of many other attributes. Content on any website needs to be engaging, enough to encourage users to share it. Great Ape Digital helps develop a content strategy by researching and refining content that will then get found and encourage users to engage, such as; click a link, fill out a form, pick up the phone and call. At this stage, content seeps into usability – the two are interlinked. We also offer regular content management, work with copywriters to produce content or advise and optimise on-going copy. Learn more about our Content Development Services.

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Link Development and Management

A website link or ‘hyperlink’ has helped the internet become the network it is today. Links pointing to your website are arguably still one of the most critical factors in SEO. Search Engines will understand the relationship of content through its links, both internally on a website, and from other websites linked together. Great Ape Digital develop link strategies aligned with real-life business development and engagement. We are only interested in gaining links from other websites or platforms that may generate relevant ‘target market-driven’ traffic or represent a complementary relationship in content.
Great Ape Digital helps clients create content worthy of links and manage backlink profiles’ quality.

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Link Building Services

Usability & Performance Analysis

Website usability has become such an essential part of SEO, and, understandably, search engines such as Google will only want to show quality and useful websites within its search results. If your website is slow, then the user experience will be poor, and, of course, Google won’t want to rank slow performing websites. How quickly users bounce can influence a web page’s relevance; this has driven website owners to improve the speed and usability across multiple devices and browsers. Great Ape Digital offer CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) services, which complement usability improvement. We also offer testing, monitoring, and on-going usability services.

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    Google Analytics Reporting

    Great Ape Digital are trusted Google Partners, certified and qualified in Google Ads and Analytics. We offer help and support in both Universal Analytics and most recently, GA4. We support website owners looking to track goals or set-up e-commerce transactions and integrate detailed implementation via Tag Manager. We also help with Google Search Console and GA / Google Ads Linking. We can guide clients through Google Analytics and create dedicated reports based on their requirements.

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