What is Content Optimisation?

Optimising website content can refer to many types of copy found on a webpage. Optimisation can include text content, headings, sub-headings, bullet points and paragraphs of well structured, informative and valuable copy. Also the naming of images or even transcriptions of videos and be optimised.

The process of optimisation is refining content for end-users. Search engines such as Google will then find this content helpful and display it within its search results. Depending on the optimised format, these results may appear as rich snippets, knowledge panels, related questions or many other variations of search results.

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Content Development & Management

‘Content is KING!’ was once the leading statement from a most seasoned SEO professional. To assume ‘Content’ is pretty much anything on a web page; text, images, or video, it is still probably the most crucial aspect of SEO, and definitely part-of many other attributes. Content on any website needs to be engaging enough to encourage users to read it, share it or take action.

Great Ape Digital help develop an effective content strategy. We research and refine content, so it gets discovered, then encourages users to engage, such as clicking a link, filling out a contact form, adding to cart, making a purchase, or picking up the phone and communicating directly. At this stage, content seeps into usability – the two are interlinked. We also offer regular content management, working with copywriters to produce, advise, and optimise ongoing copy.

Content is Still King

Content Optimisation

Our optimisation services cover many areas of the website content, from title tags and meta descriptions to on-page headings, text copy or images and video. Our optimisation approach isn’t influenced just by the result of the ranking page itself; parts of content or sections of page copy can result in rich results, attracting a new audience resulting in quality website traffic. Optimisation of text copy within Schema is also just as important as on-page content.

Upon completion of the keyword research and having established relevant phrases, we then optimise existing or new content. Areas of optimisation are influenced by the topic or the nature of the subject matter but often include headings and titles.

It’s important to understand that it is easy to stuff phrases into existing content with the hope that Google will think that it’s relevant. We always guide clients to write copy for their target market and audience. Combining this and understanding what users search for becomes an excellent solution for content optimisation.

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