What is link development?

Link Development is the process of managing existing, new website and webpage links. Internal links enhance a user experience via the main navigation or on-page, external links or ‘outbound links’ (linking to other websites) help users understand related content and ‘inbound links’ (backlinks from other websites) help Google understand and trust website content.

Why are links important?

Out of approximately 200 factors that influence natural rankings in Google, links remain an essential and significant part of ‘TRUST’. Google uses links from other websites to help understand if your website is trusted, relevant, and helpful.

Google’s advice for website owners is to gain links naturally and create quality, helpful content that users would like to link to. Our approach has always been to establish and understand a client’s traditional relationship and extend that online. Creating great content and promoting it is the most natural way to attract links.

Our Services

We offer numerous services within link development; there is a natural crossover of benefits between services such as internal links and optimisation, this compliments usability and conversion rate optimisation. External link management also includes brand monitoring and reputation management. Link sourcing and outreach also works well for direct relationship management and advertising engagement.

Internal Link Development

  • On-Page and Main Navigation Links
  • Usability Flow Analysis

External Link Management

  • Link Monitoring and Status Checks
  • Management of Good/Bad Link Profile
  • Disavow Updates & Link Removal Requests

Link Source & Outreach

  • Source and Recommend new websites
  • Outreach and Communication

Link Schemes, Doggy Spam Networks.

Some methods of link building have been deemed as poor quality or even spammy. Google’s algorithms now deal with many spam networks that continue to push for payments of links; the advice is to stay away from paid networks and link schemes. We offer a backlink management service that reviews all backlinks; we establish the good, bad and ugly and monitor regularly. We also manage the process of creating disavow file submissions, where we can let Google know about websites you do not want to be associated with. We tend to offer this as a service as a best practice process but we believe that Google now will most likely ignore many poor backlinks. Learn more about Link Schemes on Google’s Developer Resource.

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