Website Performance Analysis – How Users Are Affected

How fast a website loads into a user’s browser can sometimes differentiate between new or lost visitors. As broadband speeds have increased over the years, so has expectations of users viewing a webpage. If your website is slow, this can impact usability and how search engines like Google will rank performance. If your website’s performance score is low, this can also negatively impact rankings.

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Usability Analysis

Great Ape Digital analyse how website users behave when navigating and interacting with web pages; we study the flow of users and learn to understand the user’s journey. We use many tools that reveal the data needed to improve a website’s performance resulting in better conversion results and overall user experience. We don’t just view heatmaps, although helpful, we also watch recorded videos showing where a user clicks, how they scroll and how they navigate. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a service we offer that enhances user experience and increases conversion rates. But it’s also vital that usability and ‘what your audience’ needs to read are easily accessible and useful. If your web page copy is poor or not very helpful, users are likely to bounce back to the search results, negatively affecting rankings.


Website Performance

How well a website performs is measured in many ways. How users engage and interact with web pages is essential, but how efficient the content is delivered can also impact user experience. Technical elements of a website can have a massive effect on performance, such as the CMS platform, hosting server, security, or management of HTML and code delivery. Types of Content Management Systems (CMS’s) could include WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Wix, and many more that come with additional management and refinement options. The speed of a hosting server and the use of SSL Certificates (secure HTTPS) can also significantly impact performance.

Tech SEO

Tech SEO is a service we offer within our SEO service and forms part of the solution to help increase performance within search. We utilise many tools that help understand performance; some are free, like Google Search Console or Google’s Page Speed Insights. These tools help us understand what technical elements within your website may hinder performance. Improving or fixing these elements can significantly help performance, all contributing to improved rankings in Google.

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