Who is Your Target Market?

Establishing a company’s target market is essential when considering routes to market, identifying your customer profile and where they are likely to be searching, reading or socializing. A business’s target market may be pretty general, so identifying ‘phrases’ they search for can lead to understanding search engines as a marketing route. Or, if there are popular topics or groups on LinkedIn or TikTok, this can also reveal where your customers may reside.

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Routes to Market Analysis & Reporting

Great Ape Digital analyses different market routes and creates reports to help clients understand where they should consider participating in marketing and advertising. We will consider the physical location of users and traditional marketing routes but focus on what digital platforms are most relevant. We then use this data to develop marketing strategies for international, national, and local campaigns.

Search Engines

Most users, customers and consumers, will search using Google and other search engines. Companies in most sectors or industries will benefit from being found within search results due to the sheer number of searches done on various phrases each month, from informational to purchase-related terms.
Most companies should consider ‘search’ as a route to market, even if it simply supports the availability of information. This consideration can lead to marketing investment in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), local business listings, or PPC (Pay Per Click). But search engines like Google also offer many other results related to user engagement. Rich results like reviews, FAQ’s, images, videos, or specific results for shopping, books, or flights, all of which should be considered when identifying a target market.

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Other Websites

As part of any SEO or PR activity, sourcing relevant or related websites is vital to reaching a target market. Depending on the industry, users will utilise other websites to find information, such as news, forums, online magazines, events, business networks, associations, or blogs. It’s often the case that when found, certain websites may be a significant area to gain visibility and influence your audience. Many websites already have a relevant user base and a particular demographic. Great Ape Digital offers target site development which helps with links (often a by-product of activity) and getting directly in front of a client’s audience.

Social Media

Probably one of the most used platforms for many different demographics and audience types, social media lends itself perfectly to target market activity. As with other websites, social media allow clients to discover an audience through interests, groups, and social interactions. Also, each platform, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, plus many more, contains details about their audience, which helps when planning either promotional or natural engagement. Some have a specific audience but have matured over time. For example, TikTok tends to have a much younger demographic, over 40% being generation Z. Facebook’s audience tends to be older, and growth has slowed during 2021. Still, Instagram sits in between having both Gen z and Millennials, who make up two-thirds of the user base and have doubled its audience during 2022. LinkedIn is more of a business-orientated platform and should be a networking source for all companies; this will contain a target audience for many B2B businesses.
Great Ape Digital offers a target market analysis for all platforms, creating a report which allows our clients to make an informed decision about social media use as part of a digital strategy.

Natural Social Media

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