What is Tech SEO?

Technical SEO refers to website elements within the code or html of the web page and includes off-page factors such as the server’s speed and performance. We often refer to any aspect to do with the website’s code, host, or platform as part of ‘Technical SEO’.

Priority and Key Elements

Search Engine Optimisation has evolved over the years, but ‘behind the scenes’ or within the code, has never been so important. Many elements within a web page’s html help define and structure content. Many website platforms don’t always utilise best practice html markup. From simple ‘heading’ tags (<H1> instead of <strong>) to the use of correct image naming conventions (Alt Tags), all of which help search engines better understand the page content.

Also, logical and creative use of Schema can help with rich snippets that produce variations of search results and aid machine learning. Some elements are more critical than others. Still, we explore many ways to constantly improve all technical SEO, such as server speed, URL’s and site structure, use of secure https certificates, redirects, page navigation and internal links, and the only crossover element from tech SEO content, Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.

Tech SEO Services

Our Services.

Tech SEO Audits

We offer detailed website SEO audits that contain an analysis of all critical elements such as, Semantic Markup, Structured Data Markup (Schema), the website’s structure/URL’s and navigation, plus platform and security, these are just some of the areas that often need improvement.

We offer a deep crawl of any website and identify all known issues and problems.

SEO Recommendations and Monitoring

We offer a complete recommendation solution for any website owner looking for help and support. We manage ongoing monitoring services making sure regular changes to the website don’t suddenly block a website from being crawled. We also work closely with developers of multiple platforms allowing technical elements to be further optimised.

Schema Strategy

We offer a complete analysis and strategy for the implementation of Schema. It is not just the ‘obvious’ use of Schema for products or reviews, but a creative solution utilising many aspects to help support service-based websites. We have partnered with a dedicated Schema team who help support our direction and service with our clients.

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